Foods Market Hok Co., Ltd : Saeki Selva Holdings

Company Overview

Message from management




A “good company” able to contribute to the local food culture
and make proposals for a rewarding and healthy life.


We consider our business one of making proposals for a dietary life and life as a whole that are healthy and even just a little more rewarding for all in the Sanin region. We offer a new food culture by adding new value to Sanin communities, foods, and tradition.

We aim to practice our corporate principle of “proper business with a heart,”and to be a change-adapting enterprise that constantly senses the currents of the times and takes up new challenges. To improve our product power and services, we place the greatest emphasis on the education of our employees.

In any age, it is from the provinces that new winds blow and change the entire country. In the current situation of low birthrates and population aging, we want to make proposals attuned to the changing life scenes of our customers. To do so, we take full advantage of the strengths that could only belong to a retailer with real stores, and stay true to our commitment to focusing on actual needs at the front lines of our business. We aspire to be a “good company” in the eyes of our customers, transaction partners, and employees.

Foods Market Hok Co., Ltd.

President and Representative Director

Hitoshi Shibutani


Corporate Overview and Development

Company Name Foods Market Hok Co., Ltd.
Location 1448-1 Akae-cho, Yasugi -shi, Shimane 692-0001
Founded October 1949
Capital ¥50,000,000

Chairman and Executive Director:Toru Hasegawa
President and Representative Director:Hitoshi Shibutani

Director : Yoshiro Teshima
Corporate Auditor:Kouichi Hara

Employees 1100(including part-time employees)